Permanent Laser Hair Removal

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Outstanding results with Alma’s SOPRANO ICE Platinum laser The 3-in-1 diode laser technology is used by experts in clinics and studios worldwide with resounding success.

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Unprecedented results through state-of-the-art technology.


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The founder of Hairless by Milena, is an internationally recognized holistic beautician and state medically certified laser expert. With a high degree of quality, responsibility and competence we accompany you from the first consultation to the last session of the treatment therapy.

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Our treatment method


In numerous clinical studies, our method for laser hair removal has proven to be demonstrably safe.

How does it work?

The hair roots are not only exposed to a single pulse of high energy, but to repeated pulses of low energy. This minimizes the risk as the required temperature is built up slowly and gently.

pain free

Our procedure effectively damages the hair roots and prevents hair regrowth, but reliably protects the surrounding tissue.

How does it work?

Our clinically proven method is a unique method of heat build-up. At the same time, ICE technology cools the surface of the skin and thus avoids pain.

All skin types

The SHR method we use is the gentlest and safest laser hair removal even for dark-skinned patients.

All year round possible

Treatment is allowed throughout the year. Even the treatment of tanned skin is possible. Sunlight is also less harmful than with other laser treatments.

Ground-breaking technology

Alma’s Soprano ICE Platinum is the most complete and effective solution for laser hair removal worldwide. The special thing about the device are the three different wavelengths.

The Platinum Edition combines three diode laser wavelengths in a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths and anatomical structures in the hair root. The 755 nm of the alexandrite laser, the 810 nm of the diode laser and the 1,064 nm of the Nd:YAG laser

Due to the different wavelengths, all hair and skin types can be treated. Combined with contact cooling, Soprano ICE Platinum offers the best possible results for all patients – all year round.

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In order to maximize the success of the treatment, the following points should be observed:
You should avoid intensive sunbathing for at least 2-3 weeks before the treatment and you should not go to a solarium. This also applies accordingly to the time after the treatment.
At least three weeks before the treatment, you should not epilate, grow or pluck the hair on the area to be treated. Also you should not use depilatory creams. (However, you can shave or cut the hair).
One day before the treatment it is recommended to shave the treatment area. The treatment cannot be performed without shaving, as all hair must be removed before using the device.
In case of a facial treatment, make-up must be removed and the skin thoroughly cleaned before the treatment.

With 3-in-1 diode laser technology, 6-8 treatments are usually sufficient.
But an exact number of the necessary treatments for permanent hair removal cannot be predicted in advance, because every person has different treatment requirements.

The successive heating of the treatment area makes the treatment almost painless and very pleasant. Many clients compare the 3-in-1 diode laser technology to a hot stone massage. The 3-in-1 diode laser technology is unique because this painless treatment takes place in motion. The technology and the In-Motion method guarantee pleasant smooth skin without pain or skin damage due to the comprehensive coverage.

Permanent hair removal with 3-in-1 diode laser technology destroys hair follicles, but the hair remains in the follicles and often lies on the epidermis. They fall out after 1-3 weeks when the epidermis renews itself. During this period it seems as if the hair grows. You can easily demonstrate that the hair is already loosened by pulling it out with tweezers.

Hairless by Milena uses the 3-in-1 diode laser technology of Alma Lasers, the pioneer and industry leader in the development of medical aesthetic technologies. The treatment success of Alma Lasers has been tested and confirmed by renowned doctors and specialists in over 40 countries around the world. The 3-in-1 diode lasers we use are medically tested and clinically proven to provide safe, long-lasting and effective hair removal treatments. The patented technology offers all the advantages of laser hair removal without discomfort or skin damage.

No side effects occur during professional work. Slight reddening of the skin may occur, which disappears in a very short time.

Long-term studies over several years have proven that the effect of professionally performed hair removal is of long-term duration. Once hair follicles have become desolate, they will no longer produce hair.